A true entrepreneur, Garrett Atkins has founded and managed a handful of successful companies in recent years. Since starting VIE Media in his St. Louis apartment, Garrett has quickly built his business portfolio into something truly special. Each Company offers a variety of services and is staffed by experienced, hard working employees that Garrett and his partners hand selected for their expertise and commitment to
customer service.

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The logo for VIE Media, a full-service digital marketing agency in St. Louis.


A multimedia marketing firm for the ages, VIE Media provides countless services to companies both large and small, in the Midwest and beyond. VIE Media is a uniquely capable creative studio for marketing campaigns with a small, yet talented team of
multimedia gurus at your service.

If your business needs better search engine optimization (SEO), web design, social media and email advertising, video production, photography, or graphic design, VIE Media is sure to impress.

The logo for Half Coast Studios, the leading recording studio in St. Louis.


Half Coast Studios is an audio and video production studio, post-production house, and distributor all-in-one. Located in St. Louis, Half Coast Studios provides podcast recording and distribution services to any creatives looking to start a podcast with ease.

What equipment do you need to start a podcast? How do you sync multiple audio channels? What service is best for podcast hosting? Half Coast Studios knows the answers to these questions, and will work with you to construct and grow your podcast on the top online platforms.

The logo for West County Insulation, the premier insulation company in St. Louis.


Premium insulation can make a big difference between a high-soaring energy bill and a comfortable, affordable home. West County Insulation is the highest-rated insulation installers in the St. Louis and St. Charles area, providing a variety of services for homeowners and businesses in need.

If your local home or business needs spray foam insulation, batt and rolled insulation, or blown-in insulation, the top-of-the-line contractors at West County Insulation can help. They can insulate almost any space you need, and always use safe and energy-efficient materials.

The logo for Game Pass Counter.


Speaking of Microsoft’s flagship gaming brand, Game Pass Counter is a handy service that helps users of Xbox Game Pass keep track of the many titles provided. 

With a subscription fee, Game Pass provides a wealth of video games to play on both PC and Xbox consoles. With hundreds of games available, Game Pass Counter helps fans see exactly what games are added and subtracted from the library each month, see which titles are available under which subscription, and what services are utilized by each game. If you use Xbox Game Pass, it’s a great way to stay informed!

The logo for GPN, the website with the latest Xbox news.


Love video games? GPN is an independent (indie) media group of gaming enthusiasts and Xbox aficionados. GPN does it all, including reviews of the latest titles, opinion pieces on recent trends in the industry, Xbox-centric news, and interviews with developers and artists.

GPN is a passion project with contributions from a wildly-talented group of international journalists and content creators. As a true hub of Xbox content, GPN produces written articles, YouTube videos, live streams, a family of podcasts, and enough social media content to keep you in the know 24/7.


Garrett Atkins is a self-described “serial entrepreneur”, someone who is constantly looking for future opportunities to build and grow successful companies. Always eager to work with others, Garrett is open to hear exciting ideas from talented people like you. Have a great idea that needs to become a reality? Maybe the next big opportunity starts with you.

In addition to his presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and more, you can reach Garrett via the contact form today.