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First and foremost, Garrett Atkins is an entrepreneur. Once named “Most Admired Business Leader” in St. Louis, Garrett owns and manages a small empire of successful firms in America’s heartland. These companies—along with his continued presence on traditional and social media—have allowed Garrett to sharpen his leadership skills and mentorship style, making him a sought-after keynote speaker and educator.


Garrett Atkins created his first company from his humble apartment in 2016. He noticed high-performance sales professionals needed a way to market their services better on digital platforms. Using his own knowledge and experience, Garrett created and maintained social media accounts for a couple of these professionals.

Having found success elevating the personal brands and sales of his peers, he began making digital marketing his full-time job. Garrett Atkins founded VIE Media — a full-service digital marketing agency in St. Louis — to provide expert brand-advancement services to a variety of global clients from well-known startups to large corporate enterprises.

VIE Media has since ballooned in size, bringing on dozens of team members and working with colossal Fortune 1000 brands on complex marketing packages. Initially located only in St. Louis, VIE Media has since opened additional offices in the Midwest and California.

“Garrett truly is a great leader, and has a powerful vision with VIE and all his other endeavors”

Dustin Cox, Graphic Designer at Roots
Garrett giving an interview on a podcast.


As a content creator himself, Garrett co-founded St. Louis-based Half Coast Studios in 2019. Half Coast Studios is a recording studio in St. Louis that specializes in expert audio and video production for podcasts and other media. With a top-of-the-line studio ready for any creative production, Garrett and his team are fully equipped to produce and grow podcasts on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Podcasts and video games often go hand-in-hand. In 2021, Garrett Atkins co-founded GPN, a leading news site for Xbox gaming and Xbox Game Pass news. A lifelong fan of gaming, Garrett created GPN to share news about the video game industry, discuss new titles with his friends, and build content for a growing global audience.

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Outside of the content marketing world, Garrett Atkins has been growing his business portfolio in other exciting ways. In 2021 he co-founded West County Insulation, a trusted provider of insulation services for residential and commercial properties in Garrett’s native St. Louis.


Garrett works to unify established and aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and freethinkers to create a community where they can learn, thrive, and share their skills with others. As such, he maintains a strong social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. After all, online content is his specialty.

Besides social media, Garrett Atkins is a contributing writer for Forbes. His experienced perspective in the world of marketing and business has given him an opportunity to share his knowledge with global audiences on one of the most-visited sites online.

Garrett Atkins often exercises his leadership and public speaking abilities through avenues like podcasts, keynote speaking, mentorship, non-profit organizations, and more. As a result, Garrett has done press with web giants BuzzFeed and Behance to discuss his rags-to-riches story and his entrepreneurial philosophies.

“From communication to problem-solving and leadership skills, Garrett more than demonstrates his abilities as a CEO, and is someone that you should aspire to meet.”

– Dalton Luka, SEO Consultant

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