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Do you use Xbox’s exciting Game Pass subscription service? Is it overwhelming to keep track of all the great titles that come and go every month? Does it feel like you only ever get recommended the same ten games day after day?

Game Pass Counter is a powerful utility for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox consoles and PC. Through its social media profiles, Game Pass Counter publishes regular updates about new titles coming to the platform, what video games to play before they’re removed, and what dates to look out for big changes in the game library.

On Game Pass Counter’s website, users can find an even greater wealth of information. Not only are upcoming and departing video games listed, but the entire active Xbox Game Pass library can be explored. To make the entire experience easier, the library is sorted into dozens of categories. This makes finding the perfect game simpler than ever.

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Just as Game Pass itself announces upcoming and departing titles from its game library, Game Pass Counter updates its roster. You never have to guess again if your favorite game is available on your platform of choice, or whether you need to finish your current title before it’s removed from Game Pass.

With hundreds of games available at any given time, Game Pass Counter makes the entire process easier from start to finish. See updates to the Xbox game library in real time, plan ahead for bingeable games to be added, or stay in the know when entire developer libraries like EA Play or Bethesda’s games become ingrained within Game Pass.

It’s a unique utility that’s sure to save time that you’d rather spend gaming.

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Some games are on Xbox Game Pass, but not Xbox Game Pass for PC. Similarly, some games are available as cloud gaming titles and don’t need to be installed locally. What if you want to see all the games that are optimized for Xbox Series edition consoles?

Game Pass Counter does a better job of dividing and categorizing the Game Pass library than Microsoft themselves. Whatever your specific interest is, Game Pass Counter helps gamers see the exact titles that match their query. 

One glance will show you precisely how many Bethesda titles are available with your subscription. Another will help you see the number of Xbox 360 titles that can be played in backwards compatible mode. The odds of finding a game that you never even knew was included with your subscription is growing fast.

To learn more about your Game Pass subscription and find your next favorite game, check out Game Pass Counter on your social media platform of choice or at