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GPN shares the latest and greatest gaming news to a growing audience of like-minded gamers. Created by Garrett Atkins, Mike Szoke, Alex Dietrich, and Kyle Laubacke, GPN gives you the latest in upcoming titles or the news you need to get the most out of your Xbox Game Pass subscription. GPN is a wonderful resource that’s informative and wildly entertaining.

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GPN relies on a creative dream team of industry insiders, writers, designers, streamers, content creators, and more. With so much creative power behind it, GPN is a powerhouse of gaming content.

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GPN shares their genuine love of video games in a variety of creative ways. On their site, enthusiasts will be pleased to find gaming news, reviews of the latest video game titles, opinion pieces, and interviews with developers in the form of written articles. These articles are written by the talented writing staff at GPN, and curated for audience interest and industry trends.

From Blood Gulch to open betas, the writing team at GPN is up-to-date on all aspects of Xbox gaming. They work tirelessly to craft entertaining content that informs, without breaking journalistic integrity.

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In many ways, Xbox content has the richest history on YouTube of any gaming console. True to that spirit, GPN creates fantastic video content for YouTube and their site. This content includes themed “features” videos, video reviews of recently released games, video essays about games featured on Xbox Game Pass, and trailers of exciting upcoming titles.

Similar to their written content, the GPN team creates incredible video content that entertains gamers while keeping them up to date on the latest news and trends in the industry.

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If there’s a medium more dominated by video games than YouTube, it’s podcasts. GPN is proud to host podcasts like “The Noble Core Podcast”, a sure-hit with any big fans of the Halo franchise. Or perhaps you’re more suited for “Xbox Legacy Cast”, a podcast that discusses one aspect of Xbox’s long and storied history each week. “The Game BBQ Pit” is another favorite, focusing on gaming news and reviews.

With more podcasts on the way, GPN is a growing source of all your audio-based gaming content. You can find their shows wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

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GPN shares their love of video games with audiences around the clock by partnering with streamers on Facebook Gaming and Twitch. Their growing roster of streamers comes from all over the world, and share a wide variety of gaming content on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Several of the streamers create other content for the GPN network, including written content and videos. They share their enthusiasm for gaming and knowledge of the industry with their live audiences, and interact with their subscribers to create an entertaining, welcoming atmosphere for all.

GPN and their content creators can be found on all the major social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. To stay involved in the fast-paced, addicting world of Xbox gaming, visit today.