Full Name:
Garrett Atkins

November 21, 1992

VIE Media
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Garrett Atkins is an entrepreneur and the CEO of VIE Media, a full-service digital marketing agency, servicing clients that range from well-known startups to large corporate enterprises across the United States. 

In the early 2010s, while Garrett was living in St. Louis, Missouri, he started identifying a need for top-producing sales professionals to market themselves in a better way on the digitalscape in order to bring their personal brands and sales to the next level.

Upon that discovery, Garrett created and maintained the social media presence for a couple of coworkers, top producing sales professionals (mortgage loan originators), he was working with at a mortgage firm. Shortly after, Garrett landed his first paid personal branding client. Fast forward a bit and Garrett gave up the nine-to-five lifestyle and founded VIE Media.

At the time Garrett was living in his apartment in downtown St. Louis, where he started VIE Media from his room. After bringing on his first-team member, Garrett needed an office, so he opened up one in St. Louis. After growing the company to a team of ten and bringing a few Fortune 1000 brands on as clients, VIE Media opened a couple more offices in the Midwest and an additional location in Huntington Beach, California.

Garrett shares his lust for knowledge, entrepreneurial experiences, and practical wisdom through his deeply personal social networks. Garrett works to unify established and aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and freethinkers to create a community where they can learn, thrive and teach others to do the same. Additionally, Garrett exercises his leadership and public speaking abilities through a number of avenues such as podcasts, keynote speaking, mentorship, non-profit organizations, and more.